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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Workshop?

Workshops are identified by the letter W and a number, for example, W-2. There is a $30.00 charge for each half-day workshop. This is a bargain, because workshops at regional and national language conferences cost up to $100.00. Workshops are three and a half hours long, allowing for participants to have breaks and to attend raffles in the Exhibits Hall when appropriate. The presenter is expected to provide in-depth experiences and practice working with the workshop content and concepts. It is always best to pre-register for a workshop; you can do so online and receive instant confirmation that the workshop is still open. Some workshops may be open on the days of the conference, but that is never guaranteed. For most MIWLA workshops, it is possible to receive SCECH credits and participants must abide by all the SCECH rules and expectations.

What is a Session?

Sessions are identified with the letter S and a number, for example, S-13. There is no additional charge to attend a session and no need to pre-register. Presenters are encouraged to submit their session documents so they can be posted online in the members-only section of the website for easy access and to conserve paper.

What is a Strand?

You will find the Strand title in the Workshop or Session description. Examples of strands are Activities and Strategies, Technology, Culture, or Assessment. In building the program, the Board takes care not to put too many sessions of the same strand in the same time slot. In addition, the Board attempts not to have too many sessions that focus on the same language in the same time slot.

What’s in the Exhibit Hall?

Companies from all over the U.S. and Canada rent space in the Exhibit Hall. This helps us to pay for renting meeting space. Exhibitors bring with them the latest in textbooks, materials, and technology that can be of use in the world language classroom. Exhibitor Sessions will be of interest to those looking for new textbooks and other materials and how to use them in their classrooms. These sessions are clearly marked in the program. We extend this opportunity to those companies who have purchased space in our Exhibit Hall. Please make sure to stop by the Exhibit Hall. Both the Exhibitors and we appreciate your support.

How do I plan my conference time?

In the session description, you will find the room name and also the day and time of the session. Plan your time wisely allowing for passing time between sessions and time to visit the Exhibit Hall.

Who are the speakers that the MIWLA Board has invited?

Every year, the MIWLA Board searches national and regional language conferences for the best speakers and workshop presenters in the country, who will enhance the conference theme and meet the needs of Michigan language teachers. Be sure to attend a session or workshop by an invited speaker.

I’d like to go to the Reception. Do I have to pay to get in?

You do not have to pay as the reception is included with your conference registration. Conference attendees who pre-register are eligible for door prizes and will have a reception door prize ticket in their envelope. Simply deposit that ticket into the drum as you enter the reception to participate in the drawing for door prizes. Again, you must have pre-registered online for the conference by October 1 to be eligible for the door prizes. Mingle with your world language colleagues and representatives from universities who generously donated to make the Reception a success. The food is provided by MIWLA and the universities and there is a cash bar.

I’d like to present or volunteer at next year’s conference. I also have a colleague I’d like to nominate for an award. How do I go about doing this?

Check the MIWLA website for the appropriate forms and contact lists. For award nominations, make sure that you send in the proper recommendations.

I have a question or comment that I’d like to bring to the Board’s attention. How do I do this?

Soon after the conference, you will receive an email with a link to a survey. Please complete your survey! Comments are anonymous unless you choose to put your name on the survey. We’re always looking for new ideas and suggestions and we welcome your compliments, too.

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