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State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)

MIWLA offers State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs, formerly known as SB-CEUs) for its workshops. Since September 2013, SCECHs can be used by all Michigan certificates for renewal, including Provisional Certificates and Professional Education Certificates. Provisional certificate holders may also use SCECHs as their 150 hours moving from Provisional to Professional. Please refer to the Michigan Department of Education’s website for the most current information on certificate renewal.

MIWLA conference workshops

The conference workshops are identified in the program by the letter “W” and a number (e.g., W-1). The workshops are each three (3) instructional hours in length. (Note that SCECHs are based on instructional hours. This does not include breaks.) There is a $30 fee for each MIWLA workshop. No refunds will be given with the exception of a MIWLA-approved workshop cancellation (e.g., illness of workshop leader). Each workshop is eligible for 3 SCECHs. Attendees can take from one to three workshops, resulting in from 3 to 9 SCECHs.

Requirements for SCECHs

The State of Michigan has strict requirements concerning SCECHs. The reporting is done online and there is a short time frame in which the workshop participants’ information can be reported. Therefore, please read the following list carefully to avoid complications and/or a loss of SCECHs.

In order to receive SCECHs for your workshop(s), you must:

Before the workshop:

  • Indicate at the time of registration whether or not you wish to earn SCECHs for any given workshop.
  • Pay workshop fees.

On the day of the workshop:

  • Attend the entire workshop.
  • Legibly provide all necessary information (e.g., email address and Personal Identification Code[PIC]) on the attendance sheet for each workshop you attend. Each workshop is processed separately, so the paperwork must be completed for every workshop.

After the workshop:

  • Complete an online evaluation in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) for your workshop(s) within 30 days of receiving your notification email (this email typically goes out about two weeks after the conference). This is independent of the evaluation you will fill out for MIWLA, and is a requirement in order to receive SCECHs.
  • Print your transcript for your records.

For further details on SCECHs and Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS), please download this PDF.

NOTE: Failure to follow these steps will invalidate your registration for SCECHs. It will NOT be possible to register for or receive these credits after the workshop has begun.

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