MIWLA Seeks Conference Coordinator

The Michigan World Language Association seeks a Conference Coordinator for its annual conference in Lansing, Michigan.

Principal duties

Building the conference schedule

Preparing the printed conference preview and conference program

Communicating with presenters

Coordinating facilities, AV, food/beverage with the conference venue

Troubleshooting at the conference

Attending pre- and post-conference Executive Board meetings

Maintaining prompt communication with the Executive Board, committee chairs, presenters, the conference venue, and other stakeholders

Qualifications and skills required

Able to complete projects independently, as well as with supervision and collaboration

Strong time management and organizational skills

Strong interpersonal skills

Strong oral and written communication skills

Proficient in common computer programs (e.g., Microsoft Office suite)

Proficiency in Adobe InDesign or other desktop publishing software is desirable

Previous event coordination experience is desirable


The Conference Coordinator will serve a one-year term from January-December 2016. This term may be extended subject to Executive Board approval. In order to facilitate the transition, it is expected that this individual shadow the current Conference Coordinator before and during the 2015 conference.


The Conference Coordinator will receive a stipend commensurate with experience and qualifications. Compensation will begin while shadowing the current Conference Coordinator.


Please send a resume and cover letter detailing qualifications and experience to miwla@miwla.org. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.