Michigan World Language Association

2016 Award Winners and Grant Recipients

Barbara Ort-Smith Award

The Barbara Ort-Smith Award is the most prestigious award a professional in the field of world languages can receive in the State of Michigan. This award honors those who have shown a strong commitment to the profession, manifesting itself in leadership and the promotion of excellence in world language education. The first recipient of this award was Barbara Ort-Smith in 1988. She served as the first Foreign Language consultant in the state of Michigan.

Laura Nork Bradshaw

Previous Recipients

Teacher of the Year Awards

The MIWLA Teacher of the Year Awards honor the accomplishments of exemplary K-12 world language teachers. Each year, one elementary, one middle school, and one high school teacher may be recognized with this award.

The Georges J. Joyaux Post-Secondary Educator Award is given to an outstanding post-secondary faculty member or administrator who is committed to the principle of expanding American’s understanding of world languages and cultures to enhance their standing in education, culture, business in the world.

Melissa Dalton (Middle School)

Sara Blossom Bostwick (High School)

Anne Violin-Wigent (Post-Secondary)


Previous Recipients

MIWLA Distinguished Service Award

The MIWLA Distinguished Service Award was established in 2014 and is given in recognition of exemplary service to the Michigan World Language Association and/or the profession at large. The MIWLA Executive Board nominates candidates and selects the recipient of the Award. Selection criteria may include holding leadership positions within MIWLA and/or other language organizations, serving as a chair or member of MIWLA committees, representing MIWLA in a national or international capacity, and/or other exemplary service to professional organizations or the profession at large.

George P. Mansour

Previous Recipients

Grant Recipients

MIWLA grants support and introduce aspiring and experienced world language teachers to the professional development opportunities and services offered by MIWLA.

Charles H. Ahnert Instructional Grant

  • Katharina Häusler-Gross
  • Carmen Ruiz-Sanchez

Experienced Teacher Conference Attendance Grants

  • Colleen Danel
  • Beth Ann Fall
  • Valeria A. Jackson
  • Elaine M. Jirkans
  • Frances Lazette
  • Cedar Lowe
  • Jennifer McCollum
  • Misty Papke
  • Linda Tkaczyk

New Teacher Conference Attendance Grants

  • Annie Castillo
  • Ember Chu
  • Anthony Frias
  • Trisha Funk
  • Jodie LaBrash
  • Amanda Lindamood

Pre-service and Student Teacher Conference Attendance Grants

  • Abigail Adams
  • Kristine Andreski
  • Tyler Boyd
  • Olivia Gorczyca
  • Jennifer Groulx
  • Abigail Gruber
  • Teryn Henderson
  • Hannah Kahn
  • Kelsey Margetic
  • Megan Roelant
  • Stephanie Ross
  • Christie Sinicki
  • Sam Waalkes
  • Katelyn Webb
  • Carrie Wolfe
  • Katelyn Webb

MIWLA would like to acknowledge the generous support of these grants from the following:

  • Dr. Angelika Kraemer
  • Mrs. Marge Mandl
  • Dr. Emily Spinelli
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